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About Kristin


Meet Kristin

Kristin graduated with her BS in Dietetics from the University of Minnesota, and completed her dietetic internship through Wellness Workdays in Boston, specializing in nutrition communications and marketing.


She knew early on in her education that she wanted to disrupt the harmful narrative around how we talk about food, our bodies and health. She has worked at top eating disorder treatment centers in the nation, including The Emily Program and Eating Recovery Center, supporting kids, teens, adults and families through eating disorder recovery. 

Since leaving higher levels of care, she has focused on bringing awareness to and dismantling diet culture on a larger scale, and has been featured in publications including Health, The Food Institute, Self and Equip. 


On the weekends you'll find her drinking coffee and hiking with her rescue dog, Indy.  

The Process

Her goal is to support you in challenging the societal norms of what wellness looks like, redefine what health means to you, and help you to live that out authentically and unapologetically. 


She will educate and empower you to be present and mindful day to day, making choices that make you feel good both from the inside out. Building on the science of nutrition, she will work with you to dismantle the grip that diet culture has on you to build a more fulfilling relationship with food and your body.


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